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Samsung Smart TV stopped connecting to internet (wifi and Ethernet)

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Wait! Are you saying my phone line being too close is the problem? How could that be. I have had the tv and the phone line in the same location since I bought this stupid "Smart" TV.

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Some one gave me a firestick; never used it. How does it work to get this problem solved, Would you give me the steps to connect it?


2 Samsung tvs now won't connect ironically after I disconnected Directv and decided to go with streaming tv. This is insane.  Had ATT out to check internet as thought maybe it was their problem, internet working fine on all devices but tvs. I have not tried EVERY solution and  suggestion online including all the ones here.  Spent over an hour on with Samsung support, they sent me to a repair company that want $200 just to walk into my apt and look at the tvs, that doens't include any repair costs. I feel like I'm going crazy trying the same solutions over and over with nothing working.



Did you try the hard boot fix? When the tv is on hold the power button till it reboots. It works everytime, although I don't think I should have to do this and Samsung should come up with a solution on their end. It at least it "fixes" the issue for the time the tv has been on, although everytime it is turned off I have to go through the hard boot to get it to connect to the internet.

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Yes, tried that an everything else recommended. I called Spetrum not their problem, I called AT&T for the internet; not their problem everythin else is working. I called Netflix not their problem. I am just stuck having to reprogram netflix every time I want to see. It is the same with anything else on the hub.

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It probably just Kim Jong-un messing around with Seoul's servers again.. It'll pass eventually. Chin up and soldier on! Oh and buy an LG for the time being I guess. 


I have tried every fix possible, I mean I've had the time since the issue remained unsolved for 3 months, Nothing worked.

So I bought an "LG 65 Inch Ultra Hd Smart Oled Tv 4K - 65B7V" and let me tell you guys, Life is GOOD!  So the question is where will I be using the Samsung MU7350 55 inch curve UHD you ask? I mean I can't resell cause that's just plain evil.. Maybe a place mat, i'll sleep on it. On a more serious tone, Smart TV's are convenient and honestly? I paid money to have my router connect me to my danm TELEVISION. So yes, there are no half-fixes. In my eyes Samsung royally effed up because a loyal customer understands program error and software issues. What he doesn't understand is why the he*l was this ignored and not fixed???


Sorry for the rant guys, good luck on your search for the forever elusive Samsung Wireless Network fix, i'll be right here, watching Netflix on a TV that actually did it's job. 


Another disgruntled, fed up and carelessly sarcastic customer,.


Quitting you as a company and signing off.


P.S: Just kidding, Samsung still manages to produce insane M.2 SSD drives "970 M.2 2TB PRO" is purring like a kitten.  So... I think it's time to consider narrowing your manufacturing into something you can actually produce without issues. I mean it's just a suggestion, which clearly will never be taken seriously by anyone in your customer care department.




You win for best attitude in a hopelessly unresolveable permanent situation.  If I were gonna be on Survivor - I'd want to be on your team! 


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Tried that too bud. Even tried a 802.11N Antenna dongle to catch some of the wind. Sorry to hear you going through the same hassle man, appreciate the witty sarcasm though! People here are waaaaay too serious.

Good Luck!
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Haha thank you! Yeah you and I will probably get in good with the camera crew and then bribe them for BBQ ribs and bourbon while the rest of the island complains and suffers.

Basically, pull a "Samsung" if you know what I mean? ;-)
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I've been having problems with wireless after last software update.

My Samsung UE50 NU7025

Software version: 1270


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