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Samsung Smart TV is restarting with Smart hub and USB

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I have a Samsung Full HD Smart TV (UE32H6400). Since a few days ago the TV has started to fail:


- It restarts each time I access Smart Hub

- It restarts each time I access the USB (independent of the port used).

- The internet connection between the TV and my router seems to be OK but the connection between the router and Internet is not ok (I'm pretty sure this is not a problem of my router because the rest of my devices connected are working, and it was working the day before).


I've tried some things suggested by the Samsung Support and other websites without success:


- I've updated the firmware to the last version. (Accesing the USB through Assistance is working, but accesing through Sources restarts the TV).

- I've restarted the Smart hub.

- I've restarted the TV to Factory.

- I've configured the DNS to


Finally I went to a store and they told me that they should see the TV but this has a high cost for me and I would prefer to try all posibilities to fix this by my own.

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Hello, I began suffering the same problem a few days ago. Each time I insert an usb device and try to access a content, TV restarts. I dont know what to do. Any help?


The problem is with bad capacitors on the board. Samsung knows about this issue and tries to hide it. Solution: never buy a Samsung tv, personaly switching to LG!

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Try this,  it worked for me on Samsung j5100 led tv model 

Go to menu, settings, plug&play

if it asks to set time and date, enter correct time and date, then if it asks to restore channels, do it and complete the procedure whatever it asks for at the end message appears "enjoy your plug&play"

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This appears to be the most logical answer. This is the last Samsung I buy
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