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QLED TV stop casting TV to smart view devices after last update


I used to watch my TV QE65Q8FAMT from my mobile devices (S7) via the app Smartthings. I also bought a very expensive Family Hub fridge to cast the TV to the screen of my fridge in the kitchen. It was working very well until when, during watching the TV on the fridge the TV made a new firmware update (1262) and rebooted. From then on I am unable to cast the TV to any mobile device or the fridge.

Could you please confirm that the feature has been removed with the new update?

AndrewL Moderator
@Manny: Sorry to hear that you having issues casting your TV. Is it the case that, since the update, your TV no longer shows as an available device on the SmartThings app? If you reset the TV by going to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset, this will address any temporary software issues that may have arisen following the update. This will return your TV to its default settings therefore you will be required to set it up again following these steps. Once complete, connect it your SmartThings app and check to see if the issue persists. If it does then I recommend trying the SmartView app, available from the Google Play Store. To find out more please check the following link:

Hello and thanks for your reply.


The TV is available in SmartThings, I can via my S7 control it, power on, use the remote, send the audio to my telephone, cast the phone to the TV… but I cannot cast anymore the other way around, from the TV to the phone (or in my case also to the Family Hub Fridge).


I installed the Smart View app on my S7, but it only allows to control the TV and not to cast it to the device.

On the Family Hub fridge, the Smart View app is already installed from stock, and it does not show any longer the TV after the update.


I have made a reset as suggested and nothing has changed.


No more reply for my problem? Not even to confirm that the update has removed the feature?



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