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MU6400 Smart Remote controlling Humax YouView box

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When using the smart remote to operate a Humax YouView box it doesn't seem possible to get to the YouView menu - you need to use the YouView remote and press the blue YouView button to get to it. If the smart remote could be programmed to open the YouView menu instead of the guide it would save a lot of hassle, or alternatively make the 'Option' icon under the 'More' menu open it. Does anyone know if this is possible or if I'm missing something?




I would like to add to this my agreement - I have just got an MU6500 (I am guessing that the Smart Remotes are the same). Whilst the smart remote can control most of the YouView box (mine's the BT supplied UHD version - can't remember the model number) I can't find a way of opening the YouView banner from which you can select 'MyTV' where all my recordings are accessed. So everytime I want to watch something I've recorded, or use a catchup service not on the TV (such as UKTV Play), I have to switch remotes.


Does anyone know if , and how, this can be done with the Smart Remote?


Thanks in advance.

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Need help with this too. 

I can use volume up and down, channel up and down. I can access the TV guide and check what's on etc. But can't access the youview menu to get to my recordings. Very frustrating. 

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My smart remote can control my BT Box once it is switched on. The issue I have is that smart remote can actually switch the BT Box on! Any solutions?

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I've just got the NU7400 and this is still a problem. I presume the Humax YouView box profile isn't ever getting updated?!

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