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Logitech Harmony Elite + HUB not working with Q9FN

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Hope someone can help.

I setup a Samsung Q9FN TV that I got yesterday which has the one connect box.

I also have a Harmony Elite + Hub remote control.


Attached to the one connect box is

1 x Sonos Soundbar (via optical)

1 x Humax PVR

1 x Xiaomi Mi Box 3


I can control all devices with my Logitech Harmony apart from the actual TV

The way I've got it set up is that the TV is on the wall with the soundbar underneath and a hole was drilled through the wall and the one connect cable passed through the hole into a space in my kitchen where all my device boxes sit.


I entered the details into my logitech device for the Samsung TV but the hub won't connect to the one box (the hub sits directly in front of the one connect box) and during setup up when you get to the point where it's asking you if the tv comes on and off  nothing happens.


I spoke to Logitech and they suggest getting one of their mini ir blaster and making sure that is line of sight of the connect box but i'm sure if the hub is infront of the box no IR is needed.


Everything else connects fine and I've even managed to control all devices with the 2nd black remote that came with the TV (not the silver slim one - that one I can control everything apart from volume up and down, message comes on screen saying optic but the volume doesn't change) but I'd really like to get my harmony working with it so I can set up specific actions.

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My Harmony Hub has been working with my Q9fn for over a week since I got the TV.  It just stopped working today for no apparent reason.

I went to turn the TV off with my Harmony remote and nothing happened.  I had to get the Samsung remote to do it.  Since then it has not worked even after rearranging the it blasters.


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I just figured out why my Harmony hub stopped working with the TV.  Apparently the IR sensor for the TV is not in the one connect box but in the TV itself.  When I was putting a new HDMI cable in, I knocked the IR blaster to the Harmony hub on the floor so I put it in the cabinet with the one connect box figuring the ir sensor was in that.

Anyway, I got to thinking what changed since the remote stopped working and I thought of the ir blaster which I now went and put back on top of the cabinet.  Once I did that, like magic my harmony hub remote was working again!

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My Samsung Q9FN TV just stopped working with the IR Blasters and only working with the remote.  Thought the hub and/or blaster was broken but they were not.

I just discovered a new setting in the Harmony App that allows control from Remote Only or the hub and blasters.  

I never changed this to the Remote Only option and I am positive it was working with the blasters prior to sometime this week when it stopped working.

Just a heads up because I had the center speaker blocking the path from the remote to the TV and I thought the remote just stopped working with the TV.  I accidentally discovered the TV working with the remote at different angles (due to the center speaker ).

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