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TV "wakes up" whilst off & forces PC GPU to reconnect.... 40ju7000

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Hi hope somebody can help! 

I have my PC hooked up to a monitor and my tv,  I have a light in the usb port of the TV which turns on when the tv is on.

Now I have an issue whereby when i am using my PC  with the monitor,  the TV randomly "wakes up" and forces the GPU to reconnect, causing my monitor to flash, and causing connection issue with online games....   I know this is happening because the light attached to the TV also turns on...    then it disconnects shortly after causing the same issue and the usb light turns off....        

The screen of the TV does not actually turn on during this time.

The issue seems to be most prominant when I have just recently turned off the TV....

my PC also makes the "device connected" and disconnected sounds during this process.

any ideas?  i just want it to stay off when its off and stop causing this problem! lol 



Hi @djbucksta.


Have you checked the 'Timer' settings of your TV? Go to Menu > System > Time > On Timer.


Are any of these set to turn the TV on at a set time?

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