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KS7000 SUHD TV Power Cycling: Screen not turning on

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Hi all,

I'm having an issue with my KS7000 TV (aka KS8000 in the US): in the middle of watching a program, the screen flashed green and then turned off. It will not turn back on again. It power-cycles as follows: Red power light will come on for a few seconds, red light will then turn off, screen backlight will flash on for a second, backlight will then turn off, and then the red light will come back on (and the cycle then repeats).

I have tried all troubleshooting steps on the Samsung website, including leaving the power off for a long time.

It appears that this is a known/common issue with the screens on this series of SUHD TVs.

There are plenty of posts on the internet describing the exact same issue as me, including this one from the Samsung US forum:

It seems the only way this can be solved is by replacing the screen. However, I'm out of warranty as Samsung only issue 12 months with their TVs. I've had this TV for 2.5 years, but would expect a lot more use from it - I splashed out on this model thinking I was buying a premium product that would future-proof me for at least 7 years.

Has anyone in this forum had the same issue?

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Hi, i have the same issue.

I bought my KS8000 in 03/2017 and after  2 years and 4months has succumbed to this dreaded power cycling issue that so many others on US forum have also experienced and as you see Samsung is ignoring the posts as though no solution exists. 

I called Samsung customer support went through all troubleshooting attempts and was told to contact a local Samsung affiliated third party technician. It's really sad that as customers we spend thousands of euros on these TVs, and on average it seems this model craps out two years after purchase, just outside of the warranty.  And Samsung does not help or has not offered to assist on what is most certainly a manufacturing defect. More and more of the same issue is popping up online especially in US Samsung Community. Hopefully this will lead to a class action lawsuit. The only solution from our side is to not buy any Samsung product again.


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I had no support whatsoever from Samsung. I contacted their support several times, and they refused to accept that it was a recurring issue/design flaw despite all the evidence I could give to the contrary. I was lucky in that it turns out I had an unexpected extended warranty through the company that I bought the TV from, so they repaired for free. The repair was as expected from my research: replacement of both screen and main board. To do this through Samsung would cost more than the TV is worth and is therefore pointless.


All of the last products I've bought from Samsung (2x top end phones, DVR recorder and now this TV) have failed in spectacular ways that weren't able to easily be repaired, just after expiration of warranty, despite being extremely well looked after. I will never buy a Samsung product again and am advising all my friends and family to do the same. 

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