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Smart hub is being updated. Please try again later & other problems

(Topic created on: 30-04-2024 04:10 PM)
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I have a Samsung model AU8000 Smart TV, bought less than 2 years ago, and I need some advice.

I'm getting a message "Smart hub is being updated. Please try again later" and the TV keeps cycling on and off. The screen fades a bit, then at the top an uneven black line appears then "spills" down the rest of the screen like spilled black paint. Then the screen goes black and 10 seconds later the TV comes back on. Within 2 minutes the same thing happens.

I've tried every fix I could find on the internet: doing a factory reset on the TV, resetting the smart hub, resetting the firm ware, checking the network connection, unplugging the the TV and letting it sit for a while. Nothing works.

I did find that letting the TV sit unplugged for a few hours it will go on be work ok for about a half hour, but then it goes through the cycle I described above.

Any idea on what to do? Is the TV toast?

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Hi @YSantis  Try the following:

Power Tv off at the mains and wait 30 seconds before plugging back in, power the Tv back on but wait 5 minutes before  before  selecting the Smart Hub.  Do not use the recents section. Now  navigate to Featured and select the Apps tile in Featured, this time only launch the Apps from the main Apps panel.   should be ok to use Recents afterwards.

Another solution which worked for someone:

1. hold the physical power button on the tv for more than 3 seconds

2 - within 10 seconds hold the power button on the remote control untile the tv starts

The tv should reboot at this point, wait for it and finish the installation

After that you should be able to use the pre installed apps normally but the app store will need an update, just give it some time.

if still issue will need to contact support: 


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Hi James

I tried that and more. Here is what I did, none of which worked.

  • Power cycling the TV
  • Smart Hub reset
  • Checked the Internet connection
  • Updated the TV firmware (or tried to)
  • Did an EEPROM reset

The symptoms also include this odd uneven black line that appears & then "spills" down the rest of the screen like spilled paint, and then the screen goes completely black and within a few seconds comes back on only to repeat.

Could it be the TV's motherboard is toast?