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Help a Numpty set up new qled tv

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Ok please be gentle as I'm going to ask questions which probably sound ridiculous to most.

I have just purchased a new Samsung qled TV. I was swayed by the amazing picture in the Samsung shop. Now my old set up was with a plasma TV, this was connected to a hd freesat recorder which in turn was connected to a satellite dish. This system worked well for us as we liked having the recording facility. Now we have set up the qled the same way but we are unsure if this is the best way for picture quality as some channels that are not HD the picture quality seems worse than the old plasma. Also by connecting with the freesat box we have to use the old freesat remote to control the TVs. If we disconnect the freesat box the qled tv doesn't find terrestrial tv, we don't want to watch our favourite channels on catchup all the time. Any advice please would be appreciated .


















ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Susie2.


Did you manage to get this sorted or are you still having difficulties?

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