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Guide missing - solved


Hi, I own a UE55F9000, a 55 inch 4K TV from 2013.

I had an issue with digital dropout and the last time that occurred I simply removed the cables, sprayed them with contact spray, and that solved the issue.

That issue returned though on a different channel.  Again, I used contact spray and the issue was solved, however the Guide feature had vanished.  When I would click on Guide, I would receive a message that it was unavailable and for me to check my Aerial setting ... or something to that effect.

I tried resetting, a hard reset, and that had no effect other than wasting my time.

Eventually I went to Menu \ Broadcasting \ Aerial and I saw Cable was selected (as it should be).  I changed the setting to Satellite and was prompted further regarding Time (or Clock), Auto or Manual.  I chose Auto and exited the Menu.

I now had no channels and so I went back and selected Cable, the correct setting for my situation. 

That did the trick.  I'll assume since Guide is Clock \ Time dependant that reselecting Auto for Clock or Time solved the issue though in order to access Time or Clock I first had to change the input from Cable to Satellite (and back again)..

At any rate, this worked for me, maybe this will work for others.

ChrisM Moderator

Thanks for sharing, @davehorne!

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