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External Amplifier On/Off Power Control with Universal Remote Not Working


I've just purchased a new 7 series TV and I've hooked up an external amp, and gone through the Samsung universal remote set up so that it's volume is controlled with the Samsung remote... but the remote will not turn the amplifier on or off.


This is all the more frustrating because the only calibration / test performed when you set up the universal remote is to toggle the power on the amplifier!!!


I did try to get an answer through online chat with a Samsung representative but they told me to:

- Perform a reset of the remote by removing the batteries and pushing all the buttons

- Return the TV as faulty as it's within 28 days of purchase


Has anyone had any luck getting their universal remote to control the power toggle on an external amplifier?


If anyone knows a fix let me know! (and no I'm not returning the TV)

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Any progress in this matter? I have the same problem here. I managed to configure my Sony amplifier to work with Samsung TV: audio is connected using optical cable, and I can set volume using tv remote. But after I turn on/off TV, aplifier isn't turning off/on at all. Basically I can't find any way to control amplifier's power, but as a step in configuration menu when testing the remote. Amplifier is an old device from Sony TA-FE310R.


I've not had any luck turning the amp on with with the Samsung remote but I've ended up using a Logitech Hub to turn on the amp when I turn on the TV via a Smartthings trigger.


No response from Samsung.

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Hi I have a similar problem Samsun Q65. Universal remote paired up nicely with Sony SRT DB1070. I could never turn the amplifier on/off with the universal remote, but it did control the volume. However recently it stopped working and I cant really get it to work again. No matter how many times I pair it up again and set up from the begging, the volume control never comes a back. 

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful.


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