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Sound cutting out on Samsung QE65QN900C tv

(Topic created on: 11-09-2023 03:13 PM)
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I have recently purchased the 2023 Samsung QE65QN900C tv. Right from the initial set up, when the Connected Source is set to 'TV' or some of the apps, like Disney+, the sound cuts out through my Denon AVC-X4800H 8K Amplifier every few seconds.

However, if I set the Connected Source to 'External Device', which is my Denon Amplifier, there are no sound drop outs to my connected devices, like Sky Q and my Blu Ray Player.

I have a 1.5m AudioQuest Pearl 48 HDMI Cable which is connected to/from the eArc ports from the one connect box to the Denon Amplifier. I have tried changing the HDMI lead, resetting the sound, turning the power on/off, turning Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) on/off, but the same issue continues.

The sound settings on my tv are as follows:
HDMI-eARC Mode is set to Auto and the Digital Output Audio Format is set to Auto.

On reading the E-MANUAL, it states there are 2 options for the Digital Output Audio Format, these are Auto and Pass-through.
However, I have 3 options on my tv, these are PCM, Auto and Pass-through but Pass-through is disabled.

I can resolve the issue if I the HDMI-eARC Mode to 'Off' with the Digital Output Audio Format set to Auto, and then I can receive DD+ + DSurr om my amplifier for the tv signal and Dolby Atmos for the Disney+ app.

I can also resolve the sound cuts outs by setting the HDMI-eARC Mode to Auto and the Digital Output Audio Format to PCM.
The issue I then have is I then lose DD+ + DSurr for the tv sound and there is no Dolby Atmos for the Disney+ app.

I have raised this issue with the Samsung technical support team, who have informed me that the tv is working correctly which I found quite staggering. I even provided a 15 second video of the sound cutting out, which was also dismissed by the Samsung technical support team.

I am currently running software version 1220.8 and the software on my Denon Amplifier is up to date as well.

Any ideas on how to move this issue forward, thanks in advance.


@Members_8LnTyRd  I have the exact same issue with a QN900C and a n older Frame TV. Also, another user have an issue with an another Samsung TV Re: Samsung QN900B eARC problem with Denon AVC-X4800 - Samsung Community

Guess, there is an incompatiblity issue.

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Hi, thanks for letting me know, it is appreciated.