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Connected to Internet but Smart Hub Apps are not loading

New Member

Connected to Internet but Smart Hub Apps are not loading. Has been working fine until today. I reset my internet and reconnected to the tv.. my wifi on my phone works and so do Hulu Netflix etc, so they should be on the TV. 

CarlH Moderator

Hi @NFaith. Can you try resetting the Smart Hub? To do this go to Menu > Smart Hub > Reset Smart Hub. At this point you will be prompted to enter a PIN. If you have not set one up this will be 0000. Hope this helps!


I have similar problem after software update. Nothing works that is associated with smart hub + tv sometimes takes 5 minutes to boot or so.


I have done multiple restarts, resets, smart hub reset, full reset etc... Plus the display sometimes goes terrible before it freezes and restarts again. QE55Q6FNAIMG_20190502_093646.jpg


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