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Channel Editing / Transfer Channel List

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I have just purchased a Brand New 2017 Smart TV Model UE55MU6120 in the UK.


My previous Samsung TVs have all had the ability to edit the channel list, for example, move all the HD channels to the top of the list, so when I click 1 I get BBC 1 HD, when I click 2 I get BBC 2 HD etc.


If i go to Channel list --> Edit Channels , the option to Rename Channel is grayed out


Why is this feature not available ?



I have tried editing the Channel list by selecting Settings-->Broadcasting-->Expert Settings-->Transfer Channel List

Exporting the Channel List via USB, editing the list on my PC, then importing via USB


This does work but when the TV is switched off at night and turned on the following morning it has reverted back to the standard Channel list


Why is this happening ?




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im having the same problem id like to know how to move my channels bbc hd, itv hd etc to channel 1 rather than 101 etc ???  help please and i cant get hold of a manual either its driving me mad . 

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Same problem here with Q7, just want HD channels as 1-5.

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Try to export the channel list and edit with this site  and import back. Be carefull to  turn off automatic channel search in stand-by.

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I would like to put the HD channels at the start of the list but the renaming channels option is greyed out. Can you fix this Samsung? I have the UE43NU7400. Cheers. 

Also how do stop it auto updating if in standby, as mentioned above?


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