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Cannot access analogue channels on UE40K5600

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Assuming you are in the UK...


The UK's Analogue TV service ended around 6 year ago (24th October 2012).


If you want to watch TV, you need to scan for Digital Channels!


I can't believe no one was able to help you with this sooner, but you probably have it working by now.

How do I change the setting of analogue to digital? Only analogue available as option.

Hi @Gurts, is there no setting for Digital and Analogue maybe via a Drop down  Menu, possibly you may need to reset.  can you provide the model no of your Tv and ensure you have the latest update.?

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I think I’m still having the problem you had as can’t get to analogue channel for sky in other rooms .

how did you finally crack it ?



You search for "Digital" channels.


There have not been Analogue channels for many years!


True but you may need analogue if you have other tvs which are linked to a sky box via rf output via coax cables and which only transfer analogue signals.

So on your Samsung TV:


Auto Tuning


Aerial or Dish

Channel Type

Digital & Analogue or Digital or Analogue

And that should do it.


Oh and if it's not there, maybe try updating your TV's firmware?


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Thanks for trying to help.


i realise I have a different and probably older model TV to yours . Sadly can’t get any software update and am now resigned that my sky widget won’t work in my second room .


Thanks  again 

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