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Apps storage space issue

It could if the existing firmware has bugs and is misreporting the freespace back to the OS, which if fixed could enable it to use more of the actual freespace available, but yea that's probably wishful thinking

Hi all,


Here in Spain I am having the same problem of lack space when automatic smartyub updated was triggered in my NU7405. I am following this thread with attention. I did not report the technical support yet while I wait for more clarifications from the open cases being reported here.


Just wanted to ask something. Maybe you have an answer. I have seen somehow contradicting information: some posts saying that the motherboard internal memory is just 1 GB, and sometimes that the memory is 3 or even 4 GB, but then it seems that the OS fails to recognise the total amount. I have been searching for the TV specifications, but I could not find anywhere what the amount of internal memory is. Can I ask where did you get that information? Was it provided by the technical support, or is it specified somewhere else?


Thanks so much.


I think 1 GB is nonsense..coz firmware has 1,2 GB...somone s wrote that this issue has only few people but I don't think so..there must be the small memory for everyone...


Hi, when this fault first showed itself a lot of us presumed that it was due to a firmware issue where the space on the board wasn't being reported correctly to the OS. This was (and still is) an assumption.


Since then, users on this and other forums have reported that their Samsung TVs have 3 or 4 GB of total storage. These are TVs that don't have a problem and they are across all ranges *except* the NU7000 ranges. People with NU7*** TVs with the issue, including me, have only 1GB of total space. This can easily be seen in the apps settings where it displays used and free space. The used space is usually around 700MB for the built-in apps and the free space around 150MB, the rest being taken up by formatting or additional apps.


Samsung Support have said to users here that the NU7400 *should* have 4GB of storage, which would seem right but clearly isn't the case with anyone who has the issue. When they've sent engineers to change the boards on users' TVs to try and correct the problem the engineers have said that the replacement board is the same as the one already fitted and there's no point in changing it. This implies that for some reason the NU7*** TVs have been fitted with a 1GB board and not a 4GB board. 


I wish at least one of the engineers had stated clearly how much memory was on the board as that would have helped our case. This should be easy to see using engineer's menu settings. However, from what happened today with another poster it looks like Samsung are giving up sending engineers and are cancelling their visits. Their only tactic now is to waffle about a firmware update which will happen at some unspecified time in the future.


It looks like the issue is therefore a ridiculous manufacturing error, and Samsung and retailers are now allowing TVs to be replaced with alternative models, although it's always a struggle to get to that point. I will report back on my experience as I go through the process. I got nowhere last December but things seem to be different now.

Thank you Toni47 for the comprehensive summary.

From your explanations I understand that none of the engineers has confirmed that the amount of (physical) memory is 1 GB, but only confirmed that changing the board made no difference, since they were identical. However, to my understanding, this (detecting only 1 GB) could still be due to a bug in the firmware (the technicians do not seem to have explicitly mention that the physical memory size is 1 GB). For me it makes no sense at all that the amount of memory does not appear in any documentation or product specification sheet...

Hoping that someone can confirm soon that the memory limitation is a physical or a logical one. This is key to know which kind of solution they can offer, if any.

Thanks a lot.

Spent an hour on live chat and a remote session last night with Samsung, they managed to get rid of the error by Resetting the Smart hub, which we all know is a temporary fix.


The agent "assured" me that the issue would be looked at, but I can pretty much tell that nothing further will happen, currently trying to negotiate with Richer Sounds for a replacement TV, but looks like the only one in the same price range currently isn't as good as the 7400 Samsung in terms of picture quality (LG/Panasonic), and they have no 8000 series in stock.


This is really a poor show from Samsung, they really should address what is clearly a widespread issue but publically we get radio silence from them or fobbed off with "Firmware will fix it". 


Personally, I feel Samsung should directly replace every effected 7000 series customer with an  8000 series unit, the retailers are not at fault here and they will potentially end up out of pocket.



Thanks for the update, Steve. As you say, resetting the smart hub is not a proper fix and is a pain as you have to re-enter all the app login credentials.


I take it that Samsung have not tried to stop the process with Richer Sound, due to saying that they can "fix the issue with firmware"? 


A free automatic replacement to the equivalent screen size in the NU8000 series would be a reasonable gesture from Samsung but it would probably cost a lot, so they'll no doubt continue to mess people around to avoid this. 


I'd love to know how this monumental error occurred but I guess it will remain a mystery. It's certainly put me off Samsung though.


I agree Tony, but Samsung can afford it, they cocked up not Richer Sounds, I like RS as a company they are great to deal with and don't feel they should have to fit the bill for a clear design/production error by Samsung, I am currently pressing Samsung directly for a replacement of similar spec/size.


True Steve, it is definitely Samsung's liability and they should take it on the chin. It's certainty not fair that retailers lose out. I remember the Galaxy Note 7 disaster with batteries bursting into flames. Samsung eventually took full responsibility and replaced all affected handsets.


I have now had to supply "photos" of the error occurring,  so they can be seen by a "higher level tech team".


I now have to wait up to 72 hours for a reply......I think its time to bring some Social Media into play, they dont like bad press.


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