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SBart, my situation was similar . . . my TV is mounted on a wall of rough irregularly-shaped stone, and like you I took some high-res photos of the area where the TV would be.   Hooked my laptop up to the TV and set the TV as a second monitor, and then used photo retouching software to crop/resize/color correct it until a “full screen view” of the image on the TV was what I wanted.  (And it was pretty cool . . . .)


Best I was ever able to accomplish with the iOS version of DumbThings was to get that image as a photo in Mono — which, as you, indicate, is not what I was after because of the mat/frame that it uses.


Using the kludge I alluded to on p.2 of the comments in this thread, I was able to trick the Android version of DumbThings into using my image as a background image.  However, when DumbThings did so, it reduced the resolution and screwed up the color correction.  I was able to correct that a bit via the on-screen controls — it’s now “just OK” (and I am using it), but it’s nowhere as good as the original image.  


(I’d post  a link to the step by step instructions on how to do the kludge (it’s pretty involved), but as mentioned earlier in the thread those were posted in a thread on the Samsung US boards.  The  Moderators / administrators there respond to people like me calling Samsung out for this kind of false advertising and their disingenuous responses to known flaws by banning us from the site, so unfortunately I can no longer get it for you.  Bunch of despicable cowards, that lot.)


Ambient Mode remains a disappointment at best, a deliberate fraud at worst.

Since I have iOS, I probably couldn’t use your kludge anyway. I have tried to get my photo as background, as well, but it wouldn’t let me do this. There is no “make your own” option on background or decor. If Samsung would just make that an option, we’d all be happy. I can’t believe it’s that hard to do.
I used a short lightning to HDMI adapter and plugged that into a long HDMI cord, which I then plugged into the connect box. I leave it connected to the box so if I ever need a direct hook-up again, it is easily accessible.
Oh, and yes, the ambient button then appeared in the app. Although it seems Samsung has fixed that issue, as the button now appears in the app without being directly connected.
Yeah, I had to borrow a friend’s phone to do the kludge.

It *shouldn’t* be that hard to add this, but given that Ambient Mode has NEVER done what Samsung has touted (“play a bit of light music” — apparently Samsung never even attempted to implement that, but it’s still in their advertising), it’s becoming clear to me that Samsung’s marketing department got way ahead of their engineers on this.

Honorable thing would be for Samsung to just admit that Ambient Mode does not do what they represented it would, and make some appropriate arrangement / accommodation with affected consumers. However, just like with the HDMI-ARC debacle (where the official Samsung response to this universally-reported flaw is to blithely claim “that’s just how HDMI-CEC works” — despite the fact that Sony /LG / Visio/ older Samsung TV’s don’t have the problem), Samsung isn’t remotely interested in doing what’s right
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Went to best buy and was given an entire presentation (the one with the bricks).... 

I can't get remotely close to what was sold to me.  


Yep! Same thing at my BB. Samsung is purposefully not telling consumers the truth. Ambient Mode is a scam, and Samsung must be held accountable!

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I'm hoping they can resolve your issues too as I want to add my photos but they never seem to fit the borders and can't find any info on the correct sizes needed so I can edit my pics to fit without a border. Can't be too difficult for Samsung to sort it out. Fingers crossed...
Don’t hold your breath. Ambient Mode has been a scam from Day 1. The fact that’s been out there for over a year and it *still* doesn’t do what Samsung continues to tout it does should tell you all you need to know.

And while I respect the Moderators here (as opposed to their cowardly counterparts on the US Samsung forums, who react to critical customers by simply banning them), the fact that they cannot give us any information beyond “we’re looking into it” pretty clearly indicates that Samsung isn’t interested in addressing the issue.

@Elukka wrote:

[...] Then...I tried to add photos from samsung account (which is the second option, the first is gallery) and ambient mode got "broken" again. Samsung support had to hard reset again to get the ambient mode to work again. not try to send your own photos to tv from samsung account!!! It will ruin your ambient mode and you need to call support to fix that! Since hard reset I have uploaded a dozen of own photos succesfully to tv and it works as promised!!!

Hi, not sure if this post can be of some help for those who has this issue. I'm from italian community and i had the same exact issue with the ambient not showing picture from the samsung cloud, and got broken. This happend until this morning, when, for pure fortuity, i wanted to try switching the TV language from Italian to English. After that, the ambient mode started to load pictures from the cloud. Every time i activate the ambient mode, the picture shown (in the mono mode) is picked up randomly.

I tried to switch back to Italian, and things got broken again. Then returned to English, and it's ok. For now i'll keep it this way.


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