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Using the Gear S3 as a heart rate monitor when using the S Health phone app


Hi, I've been using S health on my S7 to monitor workouts on my cycle rollers. I have connected my Ant + speed and cadence sensors to the phone app but I would also love to use the HR monitor on the S3 and have that integrate onto the workout stats on the phone. 


Is this possibly? If not, why?




Does anyone have any ideas? Samsung?

Exactly. Same thing here...  If I use  my Gear S3 to record my bike workout, it does a wonderful job recording the path, heart rate, etc. Then later, I can see all that stuff on S-Health.  However with my phone on the bike, I can get access to my recorded Routes and see the map. When using S-Heath on the phone to record my workout, it DOES NOT collect data from my Gear S3 (e.g. heart rate) despite it is connected to it and listed on the S-Health/Settings/Registered Accessories. I have tested both at the same time (recording the workout with Gear S3 and S-Health on the phone), but still the phone does not retrieve the information from the watch to add it to its own record.

What is the point of connecting to an external device if not for collecting its data?
S-Health does sync with Gear S3, but after the workout and without collecting the Hearth rate data unless the workout was recorded only by the watch.  It would be great to have a real time HR data on the phone taken from Gear S3. Perhaps it has not being included to save battery on the Gear S3? in that case, at least Samsung should add in an S-Health update the collection of Heart Rate data from the Gear S3 when doing the sync with the phone at the end of the workout, like a one full sync between the two devices.
It is not nice to have to choose between the heart rate on Gear S3 or the extra features on the phone but without the heart data...  

Side note: another detail is that when using Routes, S-Health does not provide any navigation data like TTG or ETA. It would improve a lot if doing so.  It should even show the max recorded pace to compare in real time - Just some brainstorm here.

Thanks for mentioning the lack of HR from Gear into S-Health when recording with S-Health. It is a silly flaw that should be resolved.  :smileywink:


Yes, it seriously bothers me that the gear s3 and phone app are so limited in terms of connectivity. I genuinely wish that I had bought a garmin device instead.


It doesn't appear that samsung are too interested in this topic either which is a shame.

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This is still not solved? This is ridiculous. Samsung has a lot of options for smart connections and automation, but  using a heart rate sensor of their own product is not an option.


I've always wondered why this is not a standard feature. Seems like an obvious feature that should have been there from the begining.


Actually in certain situations / apps, it does do it. Thinking back i can remember using one of the workout programs where you watch a guy doing the excersise and it displays your heart rate on screen at the same time. Maybe it was one of the programmes or partner apps.... i can't quite remember. Definately do-able, just requires the dev's to be bothered to implement it.

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