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Galaxy S8+ Slow Motion Problems

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I would be more than happy if someone could help me. I'm having problems when I try to edit my slow motion videos. I can't make my slow motion parts smaller.

When I shoot a slow motion video and I enter the edit mode, the phone presets 2 slow motion brackets with a specific lenght. Which somethimes are perfect. But in most cases, I would adjust my own brackets with the lenght I want. But when I want to shrink the lenght of the slow motion part, it doesn't allow it.

I know that for every slow motion video lenght there is a specified minimum slow mo lenght part. I took a 2+ min video and the editor preset 2 brackets for me. One was too short so i trie,d to extend it. But when i wanted to shrink it (for example to the original "pre-set" lenght) it was not allowed. (I even tested this on 2 sec and 2 min lenght videos - the same results).

I love makeing slow mo videos but this problem occured after I updated the phone version, and it is very frustrating.

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@TheNeas: After you capture a video in Slo Mo, tap 'Play Slow Motion Video' to enter the editing stage and drag the arrows together at the bottom of the video timeline to create a slow motion segment. This does have a minimum size unfortunately, therefore if the section you want to capture in slo mo is less than, say, 1 second, you won't be able to edit this exactly. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.
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@AndrewL: Yes, this is how it worked previously with no problem at all. I could freely edit my slow mo videos, I could drag the little triangles and adjust the lenght of the slow motion part.
After some software update this all changed. Instead of the triangles there are little "drops" and I can't shrink the slow motion part below (I tried it out) ~20-25% of the whole video.
I tested it out to figure out what's going on (I used 1/8 slowing): For a 2 sec long video the minimum was a 4 sec slow segment, for a 1 min long video it was 1:50 min, and for a 2 min video it's created a 3:40 min slow segment. These all were MINIMUMs, that means I could not shrink them to make them shorter.

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this is doing my head in, i am unable to shrink the brackets to smaller than 4 seconds, when i first open the video and the 2 brackets that are automatically made are like 1 second long, if i extend these, i am unable to make them smaller again, this is an issue for many people, not just me, it it accually impossible for many of us to shrink the brackets, when will this be fixed or will this be useless forever?


I have the same problem, i think the latest system update must of triggered something in the gallery app, because when you see the video you took with slow motion, it shows up as "super slow motion " .... its really frustrating 

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This is so beyond frustrating and makes skow motion useless.  Samsung please do not presume to know how we would like our videos to look, just give us the tools to make our videos as we see fit. This minimum length is clearly and arbitrary setting.  STOP.

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Same problem! It is so frustrating. I would never do the update again, if I knew this limitation comes. Please address it! The video editing like this is unuseable now! All the friends with Apple laugh on me :(


does Samsung is going to do something with slow motion mode ??? in S9 I have the same issue! the minimum time of slowed fragment is very long and you cannot shrink this... 


What is the fu... problem with this if at the beginning this function worked well ??? this stupid limitation came after one of the software update...

Why samsung doesn't listen their customers ??? Samsug, do you really don't care your community and don't want to improve your devices???Why you are breaking something up what worked well ?!!! This is not the improvement at all!!


The best is that from notifictaion of this issue there were already couple of updated and Samsung do nothing with it!! Shame and said :(((

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