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Split Screen Not Working - Note 8

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I can't seem to turn on split screen at all. The option used to be there when you pressed the middle button and could click on the two lines for any open apps that supported the functionality.


I have searched in settings:





And nothing comes up for the the split screen options which makes me feel like the option has disappeared?


Can anyone advise?


Welcome to the worst software Samsung pie ui 9.

I suspect I updated your phone and that's not the only thing you will discover that's been removed

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Same with me. It is no longer available in Settings. Why?


ChrisM Moderator

Hi all.


To activate 'split screen' view, open up the 2 apps you're wanting to use, then select the recent apps button. Click on the icon of the first app and providing it's available, you will be given an option to 'Open in split screen view'. Then open up the second app and you'll have both apps available at the same time.


Hope this helps.

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