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Spell check in Notes and night mode


As the heading goes... is this the right place for me to make a suggestion for the spell checker to be incorporated in Samsung Notes. 


Could we also have night mode in Samsung Notes. 

AntS Moderator

Hi @Moyah8 ! It is the right place! (Although we do have a Suggestions & Ideas thread here too.)


We pitched your suggestions at our developers for you.


They've responded that whilst the Samsung Notes app already has some limited capability with Android supporting features such as spell checker, there are no current plans to extend that.


Regarding Night Mode for the app, they've said that the black background in that mode would make any notes/drawings made in black in the app invisible, and so have decided against implementing the suggestion.


Always happy to hear ideas and suggestions from you guys - so if you do have any more, definitely let us know. 


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