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Samsung Notes won't show PDF files

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Hello dear community ^^


I have recently a problem with the Samsung notes app on my Galaxy A3 2017. Whenever I try to import an PDF file into the app, it won't show me the pdfs, nor can I chose them, since they won't show in the list. And these files are not some from a third provider, but ones self made with the Notes app itself. Anyone has any help to offer?T_T

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Hi, did you changed the name of this PDF ? did you update the Note app ?
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@AlexRambo wrote:
Hi, did you changed the name of this PDF ? did you update the Note app ?


Nope, didn't changed the pdfs name, and yes I have the latest version of the note app. Already tried the previous version, by deinstalling the updates, same thing happens there. I even reseted my whole phone, but didn't solve tge problem.


Plus its not only pdfs alone, sdoc documents are also no longer seen, and can't be choosen as import aswell. The only good thing is, that sdoc documents at least are automaticaly opened with samsung notes, when clicking on it.

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I have a S3 tablet and I had the same problem since I updated from S Note to Samsung Notes, the original app was too much better so far. The Samsung Notes app is a downgrade for the S Note. Hope that Samsung fix that problem soon. 

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