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Washing machine WW10N645RPW/EU won connect with smarthings app.

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I have just purchased this machine. I have followed the instructions in the manual/app and it finds that there is a machine available to connect but when I follow the process it always fails at 39 percent into the install.     I notice on my smartphone that during the process my phone switches to the washer [Samsung] internet connection which shows as no internet.     I have a bit home hub and by provide my bt.             Is there a solution to this issue?      Do I need any other hardware to connect the machine?    



ChrisM Moderator

Hi @Mairi.


Did you manage to get this sorted out or are you still having the same issue?

First Poster

Yes I managed to resolve the issue.   Many thanks. 

TracyR Moderator

Great to hear @Mairi, thanks for the update.

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