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RSH1DBRS - Ice tray does not fill with water

New Member

Hi I have the samsung RSH1DBRS and the ice tray does not fill with water. It stopped about 3 months ago, I checked all the basics, then it randomly started working again a few later and then last week it stopped again. Any ideas pls?

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @MEMBER121726.


It might be worth double checking the following: Is the water line correctly connected and the shut-off valve open? Has the water supply line tubing been crushed or kinked? Make sure the Ice Type is set to Cubed or Crushed. Is there any ice blocked within the ice storage unit?


Hey @MEMBER121726! Has this issue been resolved yet? If not, do give our customer services a call on: 0330 726 7864, Monday to Saturday | 9am to 6pm. 


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 I hadn't used the icemaker in 9 years and finally my husband installed the water valve to connect it. At first the pressure from the valve would make the hose get disconnected from the white connector.  I was able to fix that but I don't hear or see water fill up the try. What could be the problem??

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