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Appalling Experience with Samsung and their Group FX Service Provider

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Be extremely careful with the lies Samsung come up with in conjunction with Group FX, their service partner in eas London. Don't take anything on face value with what they say and please ask them to prove their claim. Recently my Samsung American Fridge Freezer stopped working. This was 6 years old but comes with 10 years compressor warranty so I contacted Samsung who provided Group FX's details. Agreed to pay their callout fees for them to come and diagnose the issue. The engineer without checking pressure in the line flagged it as internal leak and reported as beyond economical repair. I am sure he is just going with what he has been advised and my understanding is that samsung advices them not to change compressors. I was not convinced and had my friend (who does small AC jobs) check this. He verifed no internal leak and said that this is compressor issue and Samsung and FX are trying to flag this as internal leak so Samsung don's have to provide compressor and FX have already received their callout charges and its not worth their time to change compressor fo additional £100. By this time Samsung had put their hands up saying they will no change compressor as this is out of warranty so they cannot do anything. I was extremely annoyed and took it up with Samsung UK president office and after 20-30 emails, they agreed to change the compressor under warranty. The compressor was chnaged yesterday and the fridge is working perfectly. The engineer who changed this does said no internal leak as far as he can see. If I had not pursued this and challenged Samsung, they would have not changed the compressor and fobbed me off and I am sure they must do this all the time. The 10 year Samsung compressor warranty is false advertising as one of the engineers stated that Samsung advices them not to change compressors. So looks like this is a combined effort from Samsung and Group FX to fob off their customers. I am building a case now so that Samsung cannot cheat other customers with their false 10 year compressor warranty. Have wasted a lot of time and dealt with lot of stress past 2 weeks dealing with these muppets. Want to ensure someone else does not have to go through the same problems.
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I totally agree. I am on my second and LAST Samsung Fridge Freezer RSG5UCRS which has just limped over the 6 years use ( just like its predecessor ) before becoming apparently irrepairable due to "an unspecified blockage"  - whatever that is.

It too has the so called, but in practise totally useless, 10 year warranty on the compressor.

The first Fridge Freezer had numerous visits performed under a product recall because of a potentially dangerous electrical fault in the anti-condensation circuit - from memory. After at least three repair attempts it started icing up on a regular basis in the fridge which Samsung washed their hands of. I gave up pulling the panels off and de-icing after about a year.

This one has suddenly stopped freezing despite the display indicating -20, keeps us awake at night with the noise and we have lost all the contents.

Had a load of sensor components and PCB's fitted last week by their recomended service partner which achieved diddly squat.

I have had it with Samsung - my So-Called Smart TV ( also the second ) has lost its wiFi Module and I can no longer Screen Mirror from my Samsung Phone. Have also discovered that the phone "upgrade" model has no NFC module which its predecessor had  - which means it can't be used for contactless payment.


I'll happily dig out the details of the first fridge freezer as well later.


I sent a 30-year old  Patagonia Jacket back to them recently which had a broken zip and a tear in the sleeve.


That's Customer service and respect for the Environment!

Samsung you should be ashamed of yourselves making such expensive and bulky items that have such a rubbish service life.

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I googled this before coming onto this forum and I think you are correct about this being a far more common issue that they are willing to admit. The Engineer who looked at this , from Electronic Services in Swansea, said the replacement compressor and recharge would cost over £600 if it ever needed doing ( i.e. not commercially viable ) - how he would know this if they don't recommend it is a bit of a mystery. Before I lug it off to Land Fill I'm going to check where the noise is from - it isn't just a fan.
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