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Screen recorder icon missing from my notification panel


Hi, I use a Samsung s9+,Pls I would want to know what happened to my screen record icon and screenshot icon on my notification panel earlier today. I went back to use it again now and I can't find them. I have restarted my phone severally yet it's not coming back.

Pls return it back, I really love that feature and I was so happy when I saw it was there today. Those features help make a lot of things easy, it's so frustrating not having it. Bring it back pls

Thanks in anticipation.


This could be hidden only.

To check:

Open the Notification bar (swipe down screen from top) > tap Expand (horizontal line in the middle) > tap Menu (three dots) > tap Status Bar

Thanks ^_^
AndrewL Moderator
@Maldy: Sorry to hear of your disappointment regarding this matter. As a workaround you may wish to consider utilising the Game Launcher app to screen record. Simply open the app, tap the 3 dots in the top right, hit 'Add Apps' and add any third party apps that you want to capture from (sadly this won't work with embedded applications). Now, when you open the selected app you will see a Game Tools menu at the bottom which you can select and tap 'record'.

Where screen shots are concerned, you can press the Volume Down, Bixby button and Power buttons together to capture the current screen you're on. I understand that this is not ideal, and apologise for any inconvenience.

@lunaticore Thanks for your help Dear but I have tried that and it wouldn't work. Pls if the feature can be returned back I would really appreciate that. Thanks alot


@AndrewL That's a good idea but most times when  someone is using my phone I would want to know what the person is doing and that feature helps with that and a whole lot of reasons as well that can't be achieved by adding all my applications in the game launcher. Pls if the feature can be restored back, I would really appreciate that. A whole lot of other "lesser phones" have these features at their disposal,  I don't see why not this phone. I really hope this is corrected. Thanks alot Dear

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