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Galaxy S10 Upgrade Program

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Hi guys. For clarification on the 'Free Galaxy Ear Buds with the Upgrade Programme' confusion check out my post here.


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Much appreciated, clears things up nicely

Also just gone though the whole upgrade process now its finally working to find the second it goes though and get the comfirmation emails Samsung then send the £50 off code, what use is that now :/




Just got mine through still doesnt entice me really. I like the £18 a month for my S9 for now. And my £8 sim only lol

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Just received an email saying I qualify for an upgrade. For those that received the £50 discount, did you receive another email after your first email saying you qualified for an upgrade or was it on the first email you received. Thanks.

First mail for me

First email, only other email i got was the 'phone we cant show you yet' one. But the one in the image i linked was triggered the second my upgrade went though... been on hold for 40mins to CS to be told its useless and will only be able to use it next year or to scrap the whole upgrade and start again (yeah not messing my credit rating for nothing or possible chance of been double charged) 


I'm in the same boat. Got my pre order/upgrade to a 10+ all sorted only to get an email within the hour with a 50 quid off code. I've just asked them to credit me with a vouch for the Samsung store. Which I feel is reasonable if I might not end up getting buds through the members app. 

Fraser_Reid, was you successful at getting the store credit or still waiting? I told via chat plus the mod above confirmed we are eligible for the earbud though so hopeful on that front,
I've heard nothing back via email and I sent it around 10 am this morning. Not expecting a reply till maybe Monday due to the weekend. was on hold for over an hour last night and gave up. I'm just gonna stuck to my guns with this, the voucher coming through after they told me I could upgrade is very sneaky
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