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Upgrade Program Review

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I spoke to close bros and they implied shouldn't be a problem but they need Samsung to authorize. I have a few special events and would have liked to have tried the S10+ camera.  I have also spoken to carefone warehouse who do a similar option so may go with them.

Hi Samsung Upgrade Programme is a stinker.
I've not yet received envelope or instructions to send my old phone back I'm scared I'm going to be saddled with paying 2 phones off
Never ever will I trust Samsung.....
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Very interesting reading. I have a very good condition s8 and am very tempted by the s10 upgrade program. 

If I've understood correctly, when you upgrade at the 12m stage the return of your old handset triggers repayment of the original loan. If so, does that mean I'm better off not using the trade-in scheme when joining the upgrade scheme since the outstanding loan in 12m time will be £360 if no trade in compared to about £250 with a trade in? Then I'm free to sell my s8 privately. Yes, the deposit and monthly payments will be higher but I can manage those.

Also, what if in 12m there is no equivalent phone to upgrade to e.g. development or component issues delaying launch?





It's all choice to suit your pocket. All trading in a phone into the scheme at the start for day Galaxy S10 means Samsung enhances the value of your S8 by nearly £100 Buying websites currently on average only pay £150//£177 for S8 however Samsung give £250 on its upgrade trade in value.. You can't trade in a  secondary trade in phone phone not paid off.. You need to settle S8 finance. 12 months is Samsung benchmark they may delay a model say 15 months but the scheme will adjust itself accordingly and likewise the small print reads we reserve rights to withdraw the scheme at any time. The programme is great value 0% interest x sim free x when I upgraded my S9+ to S10+ my trade in was so good my payment dropped £2 a month. The admin of the program is problematic so beware many members had issues with Samsung honouring its free Air Pods promotion with the programme.. So you take your choices.. The phones are great. 

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