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Call & message continuity s5e

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I have just bought an galaxy s5e tablet on the basis that I could use the call & message continuity feature with my Note 9. I can't find any way to make this work or find the app in the store. Is there an app I can download or do I need to wait for an update? If so when will this update be available or will there be an update at all? 

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Screenshot_20190519-211447_Activity Manager.jpgIt seems the service is installed but disabled on the Galaxy Note 9. My phone has the with the latest security updates from Vodafone Germany.

The Tab S4 has gotten the Pie Update today (19th of May, 2019) and the Call & Message Continuity feature is available in the settings.Screenshot_20190519-211453_Activity Manager.png

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@Debz1985, you have to wait for an update. Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ starts to receiving this function with July update (G96*FXXU6CSG8). Note9 in my opinion will get this function together with August update.

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