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USB-C to Headphone Adapter; Works with non OEM headphones but not AUX

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I currently have the Note 10+

When i plug in a usb-c headphone adapter and use any pair of headphones, the audio comes thru just fine, but when i use an AUX cord i get no sound.  I confirmed the auxilary cord is working just fine by plugging it into my iPad.  This does not make sense to me considering if audio is going thru the jack, it should work with all audio plugs such as AUX cords, not just headphones.   Can anyone find a solution to this problem? or are there any settings for the USB-C port to audio?


Thank you!


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Hi @Dino90 


I see what maybe the problem, this can be caused by loss of analog signal quality. This is due to the very minimal power that is transmitted down a 3.5mm cable and the power loss over distance, I have found this a few times in the past whilst working with audio from analog to digital conversion as the usb C part of the cable does the converting of the analog signal to the phone. Which usb C  dongle are you using? 


I ordered yesterday Samsung Official USB-C to AUX adapter (new) from US Samsung to Samsung Finland which is not in stores yet but I ordered by Samsung Finland Official's Store Officially and tested on my phone Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus+ and didnt work. I tried other dongles too only Apple's worked but in very low volume. So whats the solution?? We need helpers. Also I returned the samsung dongle which is really awful that Samsung's dongle doesnt work on samsung device as Note 10 Plus.


More information about the Samsung Official USB-C to AUX adapter is designed for Note 10 and Note 10 Plus+ because of the Digital Audio (Digital Dolby) with high and filthy sound and suddenly not working.

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I messaged Samsung direct and got the answer that aux is not supported yet, make a complaint and they may include the software on the next update. I. Gutted, I would not have chosen this phone if I knew this would be an issue, I cant connection to my floor pedal for guitar practice now

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