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One UI 2 for Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

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The hardest part is waiting for One UI 2. I wait and hope and try hard to be still, when all I want to do is pace or bite my nails or tap my foot on the floor – or run away. There’s no one to talk with or yell at or listen to. It’s just me. I’m all alone and waiting for One UI 2. I’ve already prepared for the worst, yet it never comes. Nothing comes. No tears, no laughter, no conversation. No thing and no one. I wait in silence. I can’t even hear my digital clock tick away the seconds. I can’t hear the noise of the air conditioner or a refrigerator. I hear – nothing but my heartbeat between beats, I can’t hear a single, solitary sound. Not hearing may be worse than waiting or not knowing. It’s all bad. But waiting in silence is the worst. I wait and wait for One UI 2. Eventually, I fall asleep and sometime during the night, hoping it happens. I don’t know how or when I will get One UI 2, but I pull my earplugs out and knock the mask off my eyes, so in the morning, the sunrise awakens me, moments before my alarm rings to the sight of One UI 2.


The screen on my phone which makes me most sad right now:



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@reapo wrote:

The screen on my phone which makes me most sad right now:  WHATS SADDER IS I JUST GOT NOVEMBER and I am not eligible for beta and not worth stressing anymore.





Screenshot_20191101-193219_Software update.jpg

I got an update, but it's not what I wanted. Still sad


Yeah I also received the November security patch yesterday 

Current phone : Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 512GB
Hi, mate!

I totally understand that you would only want to participate in One UI Beta 2.0.

For this one, please be informed that Beta 2.0 is released in Galaxy S10e, S10 and S10+ devices. Please know that those applicable devices should not locked in any network or the device should be directly purchased in Samsung.

The reason for that one is, if the device has a contract with network provider previously or at the present. The update will be released directly to the network provider as they will need to modify the software for their network feature compatibility before it was released in contract devices.

But no worries, once the Beta 2.0 has been completed and the Android 10 is fully optimized. The Samsung developers will release it by batch and time frame will vary depending on the region where your device is originally released.

Thank you!
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