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Note 10 + 5G Vibration

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Is anybody else experiencing strong vibration on the rear of the Note 10, when playing music or video?


It seems to be concentrated around 2 thirds of the way up the back panel, below the camera.  It is quite strong!


Also, if I tap in the same area, it sounds hollow compared to the rest of the phone!


Does it need returning??

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Superuser I

I'm using the Note 10+ 5G and haven't noticed the same experiences as you @Jon7 


If your concerned then do go back to the source that supplied the phone and or seek support from a Samsung Experience Store  / Samsung Service Centre.



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Cheers, BandOfBrothers. 


@Jon7 , Like BandOfBrothers said, if you're concerned it's best to have it checked out to make sure things are fine. Also, I'm curious as to what sound volume the vibrations start to occur at.


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