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Bluetooth not connecting with anything on A8 since latest update

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Has anyone got sorted with Bluetooth issue as I'm getting nowhere fast

this all happened after my last update and had been on with fitbit too and dear love them not their fault but they tried everything to get my charge 2 & A8 to link up to no avail


Help please  


So to bring my post up to speed 

I've already been to a samsung support centre in Glasgow who replaced my motherboard and told me it was fixes, I check to see if it would pair with my charge 2.... unsuccessful 

I went to my Samsung support centre in Edinburgh a week ago 24th May and told them the problem hadn't been resolved so they kept my phone A8 and told me they'd replace the mother board again and "Bluetooth antenna" after going to rhe centre to collect my phone today 31st may I took my charge 2 to see if it had my fixed... guess what unsuccessful AGAIN!! 

To be told by some young lad who looked like he was straight out of school behind the desk that Samsung Galaxy A8 is not compatible with fitbit charge 2 despite fitbit website saying A8 is compatible for all the charge 2 features and like many of you our phones/fitbits all worked prior to the update Samsung released in April..


I will be taking this further with Samsung as I'm deeply disheartened by this experience. 


Just to update. Samsun Centre flashed my A8. I was able to reconnect to my car and TomTom as I had before, and scan worked - usually. It had stopped before. Tried to connect many times to my Charge 2 and was told it failed. In fact I am connected but it doesn't show as connected on my phone, not acceptable.

Right now I'm struggling to connect to my new Mpow bluetooth headphones. iPod connected easily, but once again the scan button doesn't always work. The headphones have showed up but failed to pair.

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I am having the same problem, and have had since the last update.   My fitbit and vehicle bluetooth connected just fine, prior to the last update.   My vehicle struggles to connect, but most of the time will eventually connect.   However, my fitbit will not pair at all, and when I am at work, working as a paramedic, I use my fitbit to notify me of calls/messages when I have my phone on silent or vibrate.     Samsung, please, please, please, fix this!!!    


I was on live chat with Samsung asking them about the galaxy A8 asking them is it compatible with Fitbit charge 2 

The response I got was.... yes it will connect via fitbit 's app however features such as calls, messages notification's will not since its a difference brand.

I  went on further asking could they explain why then these features worked prior to the update was released.... to be told to contact fitbit support centre which didn't answer the question, before I could send my reply the Samsung support member ended the chat.... least to say I was livid and didn't get the chat transcript 


Just to say I connected my Mpow headphones successfully. So the flashed software has worked to an extent. I may have turned off my Fitbit notifications in error. I did reboot to safe mode once.

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It works for all other bluetooth devices except Fitbit Alta HR for me. I've tried resetting the Alta, resetting phone, everyhing. It just dosen't go through in Fitbit app when syncing.

I just hope they will fix this issue in future updates since it's frustrating to don't be able to use the app.

Thank you !


Just to let everyone know... I returned my Alta HR within the 30 day return window, and purchased the newer Inspire HR. This paired with the A8 right away, and so far there are no issues with bluetooth service, and notifications are working perfectly. Seems like this could be just as much a fitbit issue as a samsung issue.

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update, sent my phone to the repair centre through Tescos since im in contract with them. They returned it after 5 working days saying they had been able to replicate the fault and have repaired it, didnt specify what they repaired but from other peoples experience id assume the motherboard. Since then it has been connecting to other devices via bluetooth. Only issue was that my fitbit wasnt syncing or even connecting when trying to add to my phone. contacted fitbit and im being send a replacement fitbit so will see if it works when that turns up. 

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I am also having this problem with my Alta HR, and my skullcandy Ink'd Wireless headphones.

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