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A10 does not show all available wifi networks

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6 month old A10 does not show all available wifi networks. My girlfriend can see and connect to these networks on her A5. Who can help?

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Please try to reset your network settings and check if the problem exists anymore.


If this doesn't solve the problem, please tell me your model number which can be found in Settings.


Maybe it's that the a5 has support for 5ghz WiFi while the a10 only has 2.4ghz, and the WiFi networks that don't show up are 5ghz ones 

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Unfortunately factory reset did not clear the problem. Serial number is SM_A105 FN

Problem occured at two specific locations even after reset. The wifi networks did not show on my phone however my girlfriends older Samsung phone did pick them up.

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Superuser I

In that case as @Qwerty7 said, the problem persists because of the different connectivity specs between the two phones.


All the Galaxy A5's support the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency, while the A10 only supports 2.4GHz.

Also make sure, that the LAN protocol is matching with the device (802.11 b/g/n).

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