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how to scan directly to a network folder from my printer's control panel.

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Hi all

In win7 I was able to scan from my Printer SCX-4833 using my printers control panel. After Upgrading to Win10, I can not find the software to make that happen again.

My Printer is connected via LAN on the offices local network, it was very handy to be able to scan directly to different computers in the LAN, as the printer is located in another room.

Thx for your help


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Hi Ahab,
If you are in need of software for your device but don't know which software are available you can download Samsung Printer Software:

Connect your printer to you pc (Wifi/ Cable /Lan) open the printer installer and scan for new software. It might be that the package handler which sends packages over your network to your PC needs an update.

Hope to hear from you if it worked or not!

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