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speaker levels HWK950

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I watched my first Dolby Atmos dvd this weekend with the new soundbar and although sounded amazing at times it was a bit too loud and messy.  With a traditional amp I know you can isolate each speaker and set the levels for it to get the ideal output, but I can’t see that you can do it with the Samsung soundbar, so how do you go

about getting the levels right for all the speakers to get a balanced sound - it’s not a cheap piece of kit but it just seems to bit missing a bit finesse to fine tune it.  Thanks in advance 

AndrewL Moderator
@HWK950: Using the remote control that came with the soundbar you can adjust the volume of each speaker along with the bass and treble levels. Simply press the 'Level' button on the remote, use the Left/Right buttons to select a speaker, and then use the Up/Down buttons to increase or decrease the level (volume). For bass and treble, tap the cog symbol to the left of the 'Level' button, or press and hold the button to adjust the sound for each frequency band. 150Hz, 300Hz, 600Hz, 1.2KHz, 2.5KHz, 5KHz, and 10KHz are selectable (Left/Right) and each can be adjusted to a setting between -6 ~ +6 (Up/Down).
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@AndrewL many thanks for your prompt, I understand that bit, but my query is whether you can isolate each speaker individually to set the levels for it.  My old traditional amp would play a tone from each speaker and then with a sound meter you would set the level to get around 75db output at your listening position.  The problem I had watching the movie at the weekend as everything was just messy sounding and I never really picked up anything from the rears depsite both set to +6.


Do I therefore just have to set the rears at say +6 then all the others at lower levels and just keep tinkering with all the levels whilst watching a movie to get a sound a like ? a bit of a faff for an expensive piece of kit



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