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hw-q80r and ue65nu8000

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hey, i recently purchased the hw-q80r with my ue65nu8000 tv. i read that the soundbar itself supports dts:x, truehd etc. yet the ue65nu8000 only supports dolby digital and dolby digital plus. 


i have the soundbar connected through hdmi arc, my playstation 4 connected to my tv. when playing a blu ray with DTS:X i don't seem to get a real surround experience from the soundbar as when i'm using a file/disk with dolby digital. is this because the ue65nu8000 isn't able to passthrough the DTS:X sound? and can i fix this with directly connecting the ps4 pro to my soundbar?


if so i was wondering if there is a way to check if the soundbar is receiving the DTS:X signal as he should? and if there's an easy way to use my samsung remote to change the input of my tv video to the ps4 pro connected to my soundbar? because thusfarr the only way i found was to use the input button on the soundbar's own remote. wich isn't very user friendly considdering they are both sasmung devices.

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I don't think the HW-Q80R sound bar will take DTS -- Dolby Digital and ATMOS are about it.

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