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Q80R switches to wifi, starts playing music and volume increases.

(Topic created on: 02-04-2022 07:47 PM)
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I’ve been using the Q80R for several years with my Samsung TV, never had an issue. Soundbar is connected to tv through HDMI (ARC). 

Yesterday, while watching TV (Q8065) the soundbar suddenly switches to WiFi, starts playing a song I’ve never heard and volume increases rapidly. I ran to the soundbar and switched it off, then changed the tv out sound to back to ARC. Then it happened again a few minutes later.

No one else within the house tried using it. I dont have neighbours, so I suspect someone accessed my wifi externally and pranks me. I tried searching for similar incidents, but havent found anything.

Today it happened again, but when I turned off the soundbar it switched back on by itself and started cranking up the volume while playing some unknown song.

Anyone else experienced something similar? Any suggestions? Samsung support is closed for the day.