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Picture disappearing and sound drop out?

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Our first Samung AV products.  We had a Samsung Q90 55" and Q70 sound bar delivered last week on Friday.  The soundbar is connected to the TV using an optical cable.  We have Sky+ HD into HDMI port on control box.

First we have noticed that on occasions when watching a recording if you pause Sky, when you start the program again the sound disappears and the selection changes to TV speakers instead of it remaining on the Q70 selection.  I have to go in and select the Q70 sound bar again.  Also at times when watching a recording the sound disappears for second ot town and then comes back.  If you replay the scene, the sound is there.  Not sure if it is the Tv or not.  Sound is set to adaptive with Dolby digital. 

Second issue is no matter what scene you are watching the woofer is constantly rumbling even with people talking.  At the moment watching a scene where they are talking inside a house  and the woofer is rumbling continously.  The person then went outside and the scen is shwo from a distance the rumbling stopped for a minute or so and then started again.  The exception is if the scene is total silence.  The frequency on the woofer is set to -12 because when watching an action scene the woofer is booming so loud that it makes listening to dialogue difficult.  The woofer is place in front of the sound bar facing towards us so is not enclosed in any area.  The booming and rumbling from the woofer got so bad last night while watching an action movie that we unplugged it.

This is our first sound bar so not 100% sure if we have done every correct.  With the woofer disconnected there is no issue with the soudbar itself.  The woofer is spoling our enjoyment of watching our Q90!  Any help woudl be appreciated.


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Hey @Buccaneerian! Try giving a call to the Samsung AudioVisual Team. They are experts of both TVs and soundbars and would be happy to help on this: 0333 000 0333.

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We did contact support who were very helpful and diagnosed that the Q70 soundbar was faulty and authorised a return.  We have now purchased the Q90 soundbar which seems to be working very nicely.

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