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MS650 soundbar volume control on devices

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I'm having a hard time controlling the volume of my MS650 from my devices. For example, when the volume is off and I touch the volume button of my smartphone one time, the volume of the MS650 jumps from level 0 to level 6.


In spotify, level 12 (which is really loud on the MS650) looks like this:


It's almost impossible to controle the volume level using the slider without turning the level far to high and scaring everyone.  Also, when I use an app like Philips Hue Sync to add light effects to the music played, there's almost no effect because the app thinks the volume is very low. Which it definitely isn't. 


I'm having this "problem" on every device, no matter if I'm connected to the soundbar directly or using bluetooth. Because I haven't found one single mention of this on the internet, I'm wondering if this is normal behaviour or maybe a problem with my MS650.


Can anyone help me with this issue?

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I have the exact same problem and it does not seem to be any solution. Perhaps I will have to sell samsung soundbar and buy another brands soundbar.

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I use an iPhone and had the same problem Using the volume buttons on the phone solved the problem.

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That doesn't work on android unfortunately.

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