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HW-N850 Won't Pair with SmartThings

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I had the same problem - stopping at 44%, but finally got it working.

I had problems connecting the N850 to my Samsung TV.  I got sound from TV to N850, but not picture from N850 to TV.  When this was fixed*, I had to confirm "pairing" of TV and N850.  After pairing was success full I got past the 44%

* no clue....   tried power off + switching TV from netcable to wifi

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I finally got this connected to Smarthings.


I did try the other suggestions like power cord out for a few mins and router off for a while but still wouldn't accept to smartthings.


The solution for me anyway is my wifi strength. I was using a 5ghz wifi which is fast but not as strong. My wifi router also as a 2ghz which obviously is slower but more powerful and more range. When I chnagfed down to the more powerful signal it connected first go.


Hope it helps someone but I still don't get it. And I am still not impressed that so many people are having the same issues.


Mind you when you do finally connect to Smartthings I don't think it was all that helpful unless I am missing something.


Great soundbar but it DEFINIETLY needs some auto calibration method....


Cross fingers for all out there.


@MrMagu - The issue isn't pairing with other devices (that works fine) it's specifically trying to add it to the SmartThings app to control the WiFi.


@Thasaman - The soundbar is directly below the router so it should have the strongest signal out of everything using WiFi in my entire house, so signal strength shouldn't be an issue. You did raise an interesting point though in that both times I tried using 5Ghz wireless. I'll try with 2.4Ghz instead and see if that works (although I'm not hopeful...).

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I had the same issue finally resolved by connecting the phone on 5GHZ wifi connection as Samsung soundbar doesn't recognise 2.5Ghz wifi it initially didn't work by manually entering the 5Ghz wifi connection details so best thing is to connect your phone with 5Ghz and the app auto picks the connection details.


I’m still having the same problems.


i just wanna be able to connect my phone to the soundbar 😅


another random question, what do you guys use for a setting? Surround, smart or standard? Surround and smart give the best too, I think surround is the best but just want to ask for your thoughts?

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don't worry about the app there is nothing much you can do with the app.....but for me connecting to a 5ghz wireless connection resolved. Yeah except surround I don't think other options of any use.

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This worked perfect, it all in the samsung account

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I have the exact same problem with a hw-nw710 soundbar and trying to summarize this post up.. . I have tried all of the above but still no solution. Dont understand where the problem sits. 


Those of you that got it working; possible to summerize your way of doing it? 




So it STILL doesn't work for me, but fails slightly earlier now (I assume due to changes in the app).


The process and failure is exactly the same, but now it's 39% that it fails at rather than 44%. Blue loading spinner until it reaches 39% then it changes to a green spinner, waits a while then gives the "Device isn't responding" message.

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Same here it STILL Doesn't work! But it's earlier now, it's 39% too!! Stuck on 39% someone fix this bug.

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