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HW-N400 soundbar is muffled

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I bought a Samsung TV with the Samsung HW-N400 soundbar a little over a month ago. Everything was working fine and all the Sudden the sound bar became muffled while watching. I did not make any changes nor was I even holding any of the remotes when it happened. Trying to adjust the bass / treble after the fact does not help. The TV’s volume without the sound bar is normal. The connects are intact. Any help is appreciated.

SaudA Moderator
Hi @SzwakyD have you tried reconnecting the Soundbar to the TV?

Do you also have the sound turned on the TV's speakers at the same?
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Yes, I have tried reconnecting the sound bar. It did not resolve the issue.


I don’t use the volume on the TV. I haven’t the whole time. I just use the sound bar and the issues started weeks after.

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