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HT TX500 no sound via ARC


I have connected my Samsung TV QE55Q7FNA via HDMI 4 ARC to a HT TX500 via HDMI Out. I manage to get the devices connected and get control over the TV of the HT but no sound come out of the speakers. What shall I do?

AndrewL Moderator
@Paulo83PT: If you connect the home theatre system to your TV via another HDMI input as opposed to ARC, does this resolve your issue. You can also go to Stop Mode and select Menu > Audio > HDMI Audio and toggle this off so video is transmitted over the HDMI connection cable only, and audio is output through the home theater speakers only.


Thank you for your help. I have tried to use another HDMI port on the TV Hube. Unfortunately the problem remains. I have also tried to change the TV audio settings. The selected output is HDMI and it shows as transmitting. I am concerned that the problem might be that the option PCM is selected as exit audio format by default and the HT is using Dolby digital that is not selectable on the settings.

I am a Samsung buyer for many years (more than 15) and all my appliances and electronics are Samsung since then. For me it is someone hard to understand that 2 Samsung devices are not compatible even if they are from a different time period.

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Hello ! I have the same problem... samsung series 8 and home cinema ht-tx500 and no audio via hdmi or optical. Please help me ! 😖

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