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Workouts duplicated

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When I finish a walk in my Active 2, Samsung Health record that exercise and other from auto detect on phone. When I try to to disable auto detect workout in the app, it's greyed and I can't turn it off. Now my activity time is duplicated and I don't know how to fix it. I want my smartwatch to to track exercises, not my phone. Any ideas to solve it?

Still have this issue? Look for thread Galaxy steps doubled with phone in pocket, possible solution from Grant837 dated 17/05.
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If you wear your watch all the time, then indeed, you only want the watch data. The solution is easy now: on the phone app, go to the Steps pages in the Health app, select ' Mobile ' only, AND now go up to the three dots in the upper right, and select 'Pause Step Counts'. Then go back and switch to 'All Steps' (phone and watch). After that only steps from your watch are tracked.
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