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Workout in Samsung Health on phone, but can't find on Galaxy Watch?

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Hi all-


When I open the Samsung Health app on my phone, I can select rowing (outdoors) as a workout. If I go into that exercise (still on phone app), it even shows my Galaxy Watch (42mm) as an accessory that is connected.


But when I try to select that activity as a workout directly on my watch (so that I don't need to have my phone with me on the water), it doesn't show up. Just about every other exercise that appears in the phone Samsung Health app can be accessed on my watch, but not that one. (I do have Rowing Machine, but that has no GPS functions for obvious reasons, so isn't useful to me). 


Anyone know if I'm doing something wrong, or if just that activity is not a feature on the watch for whatever reason?

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I'd like a general workout and spinning exercise shortcut

S10 5G

I have been waiting on this for almost a year.  Alpine Skiing (& Skiing), Table Tennis, and Archery cannot be selected from the Galaxy watch either.  Seems like a pretty big oversight if there is no functional reason (like heart rate monitoring or storage limitations) why the watch only has only a subset if the SH workouts.  Would really appreciate it if you guys prioritized this on your roadmap!


Another vote to add all the exercises available on the app to the watch. I have an Active 2 and being a fitness watch I expect to be able to log all of my exercise as accurately as possible 


I am with you. I can find aqua aerobics on S Health but can not get it on my watch where I need it. Aqua aerobics is one of my main workouts. 

Would very much appreciate knowing how to do this or if not available when it will be. Very soon I am hoping. 

Thank you very much :smiling-face:


Same problem with rock climbing!

Has any progress been made on this? I would like to have Racquetball and Martial Arts on the watch but cannot.
Please add Squash also and all the other sports that aren't on the watch active but are on samsung health
Yep. Me too. I've added aerobics onto the list on my samsung health phone app, but doesn't appear on the dropdown list to add to my phone workouts. Hugely frustrating
Me too, I cant add skiing or alpine skiing, tennis. We all must buy a Garmin, this Samsung Watches is only for a children's play.

How is simple features like baseball outdoor rowing, soccer etc. Not been added yet? This is a joke we pay so much for these watches and yet a cheap fitbit can do more than my watch 

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