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Will there be a galaxy buds 3 pro

(Topic created on: 21-02-2024 08:03 PM)
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Hey guys,

So, I was one of the unlucky ones who got ear infections from the Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds Pro 2. After that, I switched to the Beats Fit Pro and haven't had any issues.

But, I gotta say, when I could use the Buds 2 Pro, I really liked the sound and the 360 audio for music and gaming. So, I'm wondering if there's any news about the Buds 3. If they're coming out, do you think they'll go back to using the materials from the older Buds that didn't cause ear infections?
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Sorry to hear about thr ear troubles.

I am waiting impatiently for the Pro3 buds, but to be honest if the Buds2 Pro had the promised at launch LC3 Codec, I would not want anything else.

So Pro3 have to fill some big boots or ears.
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I am a bass fan and found the Buds 2 Pro lacking that thump. I use JBL earbuds which have a Pure Bass or Deep Bass tagline for most of their earbuds. Harman International who own JBL, are a subsidery of Samsung. So I would love the Buds 3 Pro to use similar tech to enhance the bass. This is obv subjective as the bass maybe perfect for others!
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I just purchased the Buds 2 Pro again as they came up to £121 with a bday discount and 7Days voucher code.

I installed the Poweramp App and I must say the EQ settings on the app have massively helped the sound. The bass is amazing and the buds sound crisp and clear.