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What a joke of a company, Missing Watch5 Pro

(Topic created on: 23-12-2022 12:38 PM)
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Ordered a S22 Ultra, Buds2 Pro, and Watch5 Pro on the 13th of November arrived on the 25th to find that only the phone and buds were inside the brown sealed Samsung box with a packing list that stated all 3 items. Raised it with live chat on the day on delivery to be told i will hear back within 24-48 hours obviously this was all a lie as there support is just a outsourced contact company.


I've been on live chat with them 15 times nearly every other day to chase for an update and rang them about 8 times always being told there is an investigation ongoing and they will contact me when they have an update, i've paid for a watch that i haven't received I'm not allowed to get a refund until the investigation is complete.


Called the complaints line to be told they cant do nothing as its a different team

Hi there that's typical of Samsung at their very best for the products they sell I had a Samsung watch changed November and bought a Garmin tactix 7 Pro they are a bit more expensive but 100 million miles better than Samsung they do everything what you want and it works on my Samsung s20 ultra thanks
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I totally understand and appreciate your frustrated at the situation @Members_fP9Mk6i 

Unfortunately I did have an issue myself where I sent back a phone, free buds and discounted phone case to Samsung UK Online Shop Team, and found they suspended the whole refund for a £34 case they couldn't find inside.

In my case my perseverance paid off and eventually I was refunded for the items sent.

It's reasonable for Samsung to need to investigate as the packing list shows the watch as being placed inside.

I would think they'd be checking with the employee and any relevant CCTV.

I wish you all the best. 

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