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Tracking (outdoor) rowing on GalaxyWatch4

(Topic created on: 30-12-2021 11:28 AM)
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I am quite happy with my GalaxtWatch4. One feature that I am missing is decent tracking of outdoor rowing. When choosing an activity I can select rowing and it does measure my heartrate, but the usual feedback for rowing is missing:

  • stroke rate
  • speed (in time per 500m)
  • GPS tracking
  • auto pausing

When I want speed and GPS tracking I can select cycling. Why this basic feature which is already implemented for other activities can't be used for rowing.

Question for other rowers: do you use the GalaxyWatch4 for rowing? Do you use a third party app? I have tried Rowing Coach, but is does not seem to work well on the GalaxyWatch4. I am happy to hear your experience. 

Feature request for Samsung 1: enable GPS tracking for rowing, including auto pause and speed measurement.

Feature request for Samsung 2: I am aware of the odd unit (time per 500m), but it is the common unit for speed in the rowing sport. Once GPS tracking is enabled (and this speed is available), please display it in "time per 500m".

Feature request for Samsung 3: measure strokes and display stroke rate. I know this is a really rowing specific feature, but other brand activity trackers have it and when I bought the GalaxyWatch4 I assumed it would be there as well, which was a huge disappointment.


Ben G
First Poster

Bump... sort this out Samsung!