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Samsung Watch Not Counting Steps or Climb SM-R800

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My Galaxy watch is failing to register steps, not counting steps I decided to test the sensors on my watch which also doesn't count steps correctly. The way you can do it is if you go to your PHONE DİALER  on your watch you can enter *#0*# this will bring you to a screen where you can select sensors then scroll down to gyroscope and click on SELF. This should self test your sensor. I tested and it FAİLS! So you might need to test it several times. 

So far no one at Samsung suggested doing that! 


GYRO Test Fail on all 4 catergories

Barometer FAIL on all 3 categories


Connected to Samsung Galaxy S8+ on EE


Software R800XXU1BSA4

Knox 2.3.0

Galaxy Wearable Version



Step were working until this morning 19/04/19, strangely enough my wifes smaller wath also stopped counting climb after the Tizen update, anyone else had a solution or an answer, mine is getting sent back to the samsung shop for an invenstgation



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I'm having the same problem and started two days ago after I had a notification of "critical updates". It was fine and now at a point when I usually have 1000 steps it's reading 540. What happened to my watch!!

First Poster could be your GPS disabled or not counting properly because Power saving note 8 had same problem not counting steps at all or maybe just 20%,because of Power saving mode enabled.

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