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Samsung Health app not showing route where I've walked on either S8 phone or Galaxy watch 46mm


Hi. First time on the forum for me. I've very recently purchased the new Samsung Galaxy watch 46mm to go with my S8 phone. I wanted to start the year by doing more exercise mainly walks. I start the walk on my watch but when I've finished, I can see no route map on Samsung Health. All the location settings/GPS are switched on. Any ideas


They didn't get back to me. I now have to start a walk workout every time I set off. With the new update you can just say "hi Bixby start a walk workout." Maybe it'll be rectified one day.


Hi all,

I just started using the Samsung forums today, and thought I would share my very similar experience with the map routing.


I bought a S20 Ultra 5G and the Active watch but have been unable to make the map feature work in the couple of months I have had the devices, I am usually quite tech savy but I am unable to fix this. I have a feeling that the devices have so many settings that there may be a clash between the devices, I have already tried a few things which I am listing below:

  • On the phone setting>apps>(all samsung & google apps one by one)>permissions then allowed location
  • On the phone in Samsung Health clicked the settings cog and ensured location information was allowed. Also turned off bluetooth so under "advanced" the "Auto detect workouts" was no longer greyed out and then I turned the setting on here
  • On the phone under setting>locations>app permissions made sure the Samsung and google apps were allowed all the time
  • Turned battery power mode to high performance
  • Checked for all updates both for the Samsung apps and the android software updates
  • Unistalled and reinstalled both the Samsung Healh and Wear app, I made sure these were backed up and data synced before I did this. Also I noted that when I uninstalled from Galaxy store and reinstalled from Play store the data did not come back even though my account was attached, however, reinstalling from Galaxy store seemed to resolve this 
  • On the watch on the app face I clicked samsung health scrolled down to settings>workout detection>Record location
  • On the watch on the app face I clicked the settings cog>connections and checked location was on
  • On the watch scrolled from the top and checked location was on

None of the above things seemed to work, at best I would have a general location on the map and at worst no map at all. I have since contacted the customer service team and have a back and forth ongoing through twitter DM, they asked me to disconnect bluetooth between the two devices and take them both out, the phone then mapped the walk so they have asked me to set up the watch on another phone to see where the issue lies.


At the moment it seems my sync date is not updating on the app and this has left me hesitant to connect to a new phone in case I lose data but I will try to do this in the coming week and report back.


I have struggled with this also and tried all your items also.  I have the Galaxy and Active 2,  the Galaxy has a map,  but the Active 2 did not.  What worked was I loaded the widget Samsung Health - Exercises on the Active two.  When you press workout.  You should see GPS and Heart at the top (I did not see GPS at first).  If you dont see GPS,  Scroll to the workout, Walking for example.  Press the three dots next to it,  scroll to Location and High Location Accuracy and ensure they are on. Press back,  GPS should show along with the heart.  Try a workout and see if it works.  Good luck.


Hi Rexx121,


Thank you for taking the time to respond, the high accuracy gps feature is already on in my settings so I don't think the widget will help 😞


I have also tried the watch on a S10 and it still didn't map, Samsung thought it may be the watch and have taken it away but I took the phone out separately this week and it didn't map (which is strange as it mapped when I took it out with the watch disconnected). I actually think Samsung have a bigger issue with their software but I am going to try to call them tomorrow to see if they can resolve it. Fingers crossed!




Sound good.  I had it checked also,  previously when I would just launch the workout through the widget with workout shortcuts with the 4 exercise types.  In my case it was only in the exercise widget where I found the setting which worked.  Good luck.  I know the frustration.


I've given up and come to the conclusion that it will only map workouts. Not sure why it won't map autoworkout but meh. Strava it is. 


I call the Customer Support, and the guy told me that Active 2 does not support Showing Route anymore.

I can't believe what he said.


Hi not sure if you solved this but I had the same issue. I gave the Samsung health app access to storage aswell as location and it works. It didn't have access to storage before so I guess it couldn't save the data? Active 2 with s20+


Thanks all, I have allowed all permissions including the storage but it still won't work 😞


I am still pursuing it with Samsung but I think they have an issue with mapping which they either cannot fix or plan on not fixing. I appreciate all the responses. 


I called Samsung Customer Service, but they even told me that Active 2 native feature Running does not support Mapping Route. If we use a 3rd party app such as Strava, it can get Mapping Route perfectly.

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